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Design...Press...and IMPRESS!!!


Who are we really??? Well, the founders of Designs by YOU BK are two guys who had a vision...who share a dream...and made it a reality. We are driven not solely by the success of our personal endeavors, but more by the deep connections made through our work. Our passion for community, and leaving a lasting impression, have been the drivers behind Designs by YOU BK coming to fruition. We have spent the majority of our professional lives devoted to the betterment of those around us, and see this as an extension of our melded vision to help build stronger communities.

We offer a unique bonding experience. Bring up to 20 of your friends, your colleagues, people with whom you share a passion or experience, people you know or want to get to know or join a workshop by yourself. Pull up your chair and get to know Douglas, our resident artist and owner. He will work with your photos, the experience around which you have bonded or want to bond with others or your ideas for an intensely personal and meaningful design for yourself.


In a world that has everything you need, LITERALLY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS, we have curated an experience for connecting, creating and reinvigorating humans passion to express themselves in a meaningful way. Designs by YOU BK works with the community to restore the interpersonal disconnect through a collaborative work space that teaches all how to express themselves through digital design.


Designs by YOU BK was created in 2018 with the intention of bringing community back to the forefront of our every day lives. We have partnered with local artists, non-profit organizations and other like-minded businesses in an effort to use technology as the catalyst for change. We seek to not only "awaken" the creativity that lies in all of us, but also to share that new found joy with those around. Yes, we are creating t-shirts; however, it is through this that we hope to create everlasting experiences that will be shared with other to enrich their lives.